UX & UI Concept, Native Application Design, Augmented Reality

Constellate offers a fun, interactive, augmented stargazing experience for those who love astronomy and the cosmos. The concept is in addition to a remake of the American Astronomical Society logo and stands to be a portion of their platform.


As most astronomy applications hone in on the educational aspect of the field, Constellate turns stargazing into a social discovery of light paintings left throughout the sky by you, the user. By combining the stargazing experience and the light painting principle, people can create new "constellations" in the night sky for friends, family, and the world.

How It Works

Download the app, and immediately point your device to the night sky. As you scan the stars, you'll pick up light paintings created by other users for your amusement. On the flip side, simply double tap a part of the sky you want to stake your very own creation, and get to work! Share it with your contacts, or make it available for everyone to find and see. It's that easy.

Initial Mapping & Flow

Preliminary mapping consisted of initial wordlisting and review of existing astronomy applications. This starter segment gave way to mapping out characteristics to consider, notions associated with project Constellate, and a simple navigation flow.


Low fidelity wireframes demonstrate the intriguing possibilities in which augmented reality can be harnessed.

High Fidelity

Once filled with the graphical interface, Constellate's color palette is reminiscent of celestial concepts. The background colors for the camera view are filled in with a dark purple for rendering purposes, but real-life use would be the actual night sky.

Take a look at the InVisionApp prototype for a quick feel of the app.