Native Dynamic Search

LOA Search UX & UI Feature Request

Searching is used extensively across web and native applications for users to find and consume content of interest. With search being so prevalent in digital services, the utility continues to evolve and streamline the way people find things online. It's important to provide a flexible search system that understands the language of the user, so that the system can return quality results.


Content centric applications absolutely need a way for users to find items of interest—that's where search comes into play. With millions of people searching for properties on Lands of America, previous product teams installed a basic search to allow users to search by location, affording users to search for cities, counties, and states. However, the native application has the opportunity to give users a more robust search tool capable of displaying multiple locations at once.

Business communicated down the pipeline to consider giving our users the ability to search for multiple locations at the same time.

Initial Discovery and Research

After engaging with Client Services and Product, we formulated a hypothesis: users' are more likely to search for more than one location per session. In order to validate our theory, we gathered ideas upfront in an affinity mapping session and asked our user research team to send out surveys to power users for more information.

Check out the organic document for things to consider during this exercise: Google Doc.

Rapid Explorations and Wireframes

While feedback was being collected from the masses, our design team set out to create a slew of solutions for our hypothesis. By using the search foundation available on live production for the main site, we were able to rapidly piece together basic MVP requirements and basic features to set the foundation for any improvements.

High Fidelity

The final mocks of this component within the native application are still being worked through; however, the primary patterns have been set into place and need minor tweaks to get up-to-par with the design library. A basic prototype was put together to start the testing in InVision.

Learnings and Summation

This is still to be determined. Please contact me at a later date to see the full breakdown of this process and the results of our MVP.