Freelance Logos

Graphic Design, Branding

These are selected logotypes I've worked on throughout my career. Some of them are currently in use by their respective owners, while others were for personal and/or educational purposes.


Eyeworld was a freelance opportunity for an optometrist clinic in El Paso, Texas. Their name inspired a connection to how the world's magnetic fields protect the atmosphere from extreme elements in space, giving rise to an edgy, sleek logo reminiscent of our magnetic force fields surrounding our home.


Offering home bike repair and off-road assistance, Kickstand is a novel business concept any bike enthusiast would love. The business relies on a heavily mobile business model, boasting the fastest times for all bike services. Kickstand was developed for an interactive group project at Texas State University and is a simple, yet highly effective logo.

American Astronomical Society

This rebrand of the American Astronomical Society is an extremely flexible branding system, capable of stretching out to large areas, or even minimized for favicon use. It's graphic nature is reminiscent of a 'scope' of stars, but set on a grid with asymmetrical star patterns.

Riot Nation

As an interactive intern for Riot Nation, I participated in creating a solid brand identity for their company. With high expectations and bright ideas, the overall feeling was to stand out with highly contrasting typefaces and a pop of color.

Roz la Kelin

Roz la Kelin is an Australian Bridal Designer and commissioned me to create her brand identity. Characteristics of her brand required a luxrious and elegant feel, something expected in all wedding ceremonies. Additionally, she requested the brand overlap into her sub brands, Glamour Plus and Ninety Three.

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen is a branding system created while attending Texas State University. This system is a rebrand of the current Snap Kitchen model; it extends and amplifies the modern, organic paradigm originally set.