Snap Kitchen

UX & UI Concept, Native Application Design

Snap Kitchen provides a healthy take-out service for those who are constantly on-the-go. They rely on fresh, local, and sustainable farming ingredients to power their organic approach for a nutritious lifestyle.


Considering most of Snap's customers are mobile, it is imperative to have a quick and reliable application to execute a successful mobile ordering business model. Snap Kitchen's current online ordering system is a web application in beta-phase, so I took on a native application approach to propose a solution to a market they have yet to tap into, but still present a model for which they can easily translate and implement into their beta platform.

Initial Mapping & Flow

Snap Kitchen aims to put a spin on the conventional fast food stigma and add a little healthy flavor into the mix. Preliminary mappings and ideas led to an application similar to other food ordering platforms. If it's one thing fast-food applications can do right, it's getting quick flow to ordering what's on the menu.


The components making up Snap's native application help build up a quick flow between listed food items and ordering for pickup.

High Fidelity

Projected into final mockups, Snap Kitchen's mobile application holds a great balance between fast food take-out service and healthy eating. The simplicity behind the app allows for easy pickings on the target users flavor of the day.

Web Landing Page

In addition to Snap Kitchen addressing a glaring need at healthier fast food with their new app, a landing page with their presence will be well-suited to tackle their target audience—busy business professionals who need a quick, healthy answer for their meals.