Quick Replies

The Knot UX & UI Feature Request

Vendors often have problems responding back to prospective clients for several reasons: too busy to respond, not available for the date requested, and they just don't seem like a good fit for what they're requesting. With conversation stacks becoming increasing popular and easier to communicate with service providers, both business and product determined we should hone in on improving the inbox response experience.


Response rates between vendors and their prospective clients can often be difficult to boost due to compatibility and a high quote request rate for businesses. This often leads to negative experiences for leads when vendors don't respond back. Quick replies adds a fast way for vendors to respond back for common reasons they may not respond back to a new inquiry.

Our primary goal was to increase vendor response rates to above 80%, as they were sitting at 65%.


Research was conducted by phone interviews with vendors and sent out surveys to over 20,000 vendors within the The Knot Pro ecosystem. Of the surveys sent out, 867 responses were completed and returned. The results were clear:


Based on the qualitative data collected from vendors, we determined the primary quick responses to focus on were availability and not being a good fit. Although the largest response was that leads did not provide enough information, we concluded it was outside of the problem scope of this exercise. That is, it was another problem to solve entirely.

Rapid Explorations and Wireframes

Once the right problem was identified, we decided to move forward with exploring options that iterate on top of our current inbox model. This baseline set the tone for rapid explorations for one problem. Five options were considered in the ideation phase and due to proven standards across the industry, option 5 was selected.

High Fidelity

Option 5 was put up into UserTesting and Google Hangout screen sharing with current vendor users, validating this option as an intuitive solution that corresponds with options users have seen across other well-known inbox systems and their expectations.

Learnings and Summation

Quick replies simplified responding to couples and quickly gained steam with over 200 new quick reply creations a day. The overall impact of this feature is still being evaluated; however, our response rate ticked up into the high 60's and low 70's for vendor response rates (KPI). The design and execution of this feature set improved a relatively low 65% response rate KPI and allowed for users to add custom quick replies—another significant ask from our vendor base.