RFQ System Overhaul

The Knot UX & UI RFQ Mechanism Redesign

Products and services often need to be paired up with a quoting system to connect pros with prospective clients and their needs. The Knot needed a more effective paradigm to increase the quality of the leads to vendors and vice versa. After conducting an audit of the system and observing successes from other quoting systems, we were able to come up with an answer to level up the old forms.


Requesting quotes is a natural part of the match-making process for people looking for products and services. The Knot installed a one-step quoting mechanism on vendor storefronts, allowing for interested parties to briefly complete a form with basic wedding information to kick off the conversation. The standard line of thinking is less is more; however, in this case, the answer was to increase the amount of information gathered from requested parties so that professionals have more to work off of and to ease up on their initial process work.

Business Goals:

Product Goals:


Research was primarily conducted by interviews between user research and design with vendor volunteers. After reviewing pro processes and cross-examining the qualitative data over different category types, certain overlapping data points were identified as baseline information required for every RFQ. Other observations include:


A New Approach

It became apparent the current RFQ model wasn't giving adequate information for vendors to work off of, increasing their workload and skewing high quality leads with other couples who were not a good fit. Our explorations led us to believe we should explore a more robust information gathering system for our pros to quickly generate quotes for their leads. Instead of a "less is more" approach, we took the counterintuitive route with Turbo Tax like wizard.

High Fidelity

After conducting user interviews and rolling out our prototypes on InVisionApp to UserTesting, we were able to determine the drop off to be at 5 steps. This helped us hone in on how to construct a flexible and reusable multi-step system geared to take on our largest vendor categories: Wedding Reception Venues, Photographers, Videographers, Florists, and DJs.

By targeting our largest categories, we were able to affect the majority of all quote requests sent to bridal pros. Each category had its own subset of testing to ensure the most relevant data was being given to each category type, and streamlined each vendors initial set of processes for starting quotes.

In Summary

Results for this modification to the quoting model were tremendous. The completion conversion percentage rose 21%, and increased the quality of every lead for vendors, increasing NPS and validating couples were more than willing to provide more information about their wedding plans. Once all categories were updated, the platform saw an 11% lift for completion conversion percentage on all other vendor category types.

To see this redesign live, checkout The Knot and try requesting a quote from a vendor storefront!